There are certain songs that sound ten times better after a few shots of vodka.

The Scientist - Kina Grannis, Tyler Ward, Lindsey Stirling

because everything is relevant 

Anonymous asked:
What's your other blog? Will you continue the book "mess"? basically where I just reblog everything hahaha

I don’t really know! I’ve done a few things to it I haven’t posted on here but in general, I’m not so creative, so I just work on it when I’m feeling a burst of creativity. 

I hate how our generation gives so much importance to narcissism and vanity. 

(I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.)

I hate how people feel the need to be physically beautiful to be accepted by society. I hate how our society emphasizes physical beauty rather than the actual beauty of a person. I hate how people dress a certain way to feel like they belong. I hate selfies selfies selfies and post-workout pictures. Why would anyone need to know how much makeup you have on today or how you look in a bikini? Why would anyone want to see your sweaty body and sports bra? Why does it matter how many likes you have on your Instagram post? Just so people will accept you, call you beautiful, call you a role model? Why is everyone so desperate for attention?

It’s selfish, vain, and narcissistic. It’s shameful. And I hate how at one point or another, I tend to reach for whatever standard society sets, even unconsciously.

What the fuck happened to real people.

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Merry Christmas. :) 

fuck this shit